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Rips' Bio Battles and history




 World At War V.   21April, 2012. Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard Ohio

I know it has been a while since I wrote anything, but this one stirred the writing coals.

Bio Hazard Roll call: Australian Team: (Yellow) RIP, TmfO, RAGE, MAVERICK, ROCKETMAN and three Bio accomplices’, JACK CRACKER and his “Army of one” friend, TRUMP, IRONMAN and his speedball wingman, and “THE BASTARD” our TANK, building crusher, bunker smasher, Tank Killer.

35 Australian team players total. WHAT? We love it, really!


AWOL List: Twenty, and VOODOO.


Allies (US Marines): Blue team- 60 players

Japanese: Red team- 50 players

SO, as usual, the first big Battlefront game had bad weather, no surprise it usually works out that way. It started out about 55 degrees and the slightest mist of a drizzle. Then by lunchtime it was spotty hard drizzle and about 38 degrees with a slight 5 MPH or so breeze and getting colder all day long. If you kept moving it was not even noticeable I might even say comfortable! IF you kept moving!

About 10:30 or so the game started. We were stationed the closest to the parking lot in the lower woods before the creek bridge. Nice, I thought, until we marched our seemingly small tribe of soon to be Aussie fatalities. But first, the anxious wait. We ran to our main flag and guarded it but no attack happened. After a while the youngsters went up to Recon the city. That is when the yellow stream of shame started. The city was almost immediately overrun by blue team and they walked right up to it and got sawed down in a sadly quick way. There were allies in every hole, window and behind every bit of available cover. Of course some of us others knew the big push would come eventually. But first a few impatient go getters on the other team tried to come for us and  probe past our tightly interwoven defenses before we repelled them with massive barrages of paint. Talk about itchy trigger finger! It had been 20 or so minutes into the game with no shooting, so when some targets came forward we double coated all advances. Then we got overconfident and maneuvered up Suribachi hill and to the city edge keeping the flag in sight behind us.  Then the unimaginable happened!  The dirty Japs stole our flag right out from under us. They sent a few guys to their right of our flag to pull us away from the high ground that oversaw our flag.  We went after them and they sent out a couple of fast ones out to grab the flag and run. After dispensing the distraction we turned just in time to see them grab our flag. Being too far away to shoot through the woods, all we could do is yell at the guys on Suribachi to get them, chase them down and they did, right into another well set up ambush.  Damn nice tactics! After that we went after our flag but could not find the scoundrels that swiped it, dirty SOB’s hid it and we never did find it.

After taking a good chunk of real estate in the woods and Suribachi hill, we had to weed them out of the city like rats.  It was lots of building to building, room to room which I personally hate but love the terror of the next corners surprise. But after a while we took it. And we held it.

Next we went down the center path to the creek, right by their flag. They were twice as tough to root out of the heavy brush by their HQ flag but we did take it and I personally put it in a very nasty spot deep in the middle of a swamp.  My mindset was to make them swim or sink in the mud while we chopped them up trying to get to it.   

After that we tooled around going mission to mission and hurting their chances of victory.

After Lunch we got the Bastard out and roller with it, I had to be quickly reminded not to stick too close to the tank because it is a death magnet especially with MAVERICK gunning unprotected from the top through the trap door and the whole other team shooting at him slash us in the lead. I was dispatched to the dead zone for the body count. When I got back with them they had very few of us supporting them on top of the hill above Marine Base One. We kept control of that corner to prevent them from gaining easy access for control of their HQ flag area by encircling it and pinching them out. Then just as thing got boring three guys came popping out of the weeds thinking we were their buddies, we were not friendly.  They were dispatched to their dead zone.  A few more probes were repelled as they brought up their tank to make us have to run for cover in the weeds, or in a small speed ball hard bunker court to our left right next to them on the corner of the city, the only flaw with that plan was the BASTARD!  I saw the Jap tank coming up the trail. I hollered at ROCKETMAN to back the tank into a covered spot to take their tank out as he drove by. We would keep them from being seen by the support troops guarding it with rockets by drawing fire as their tank approached. MAVERICK timed it perfect, ranged it perfect and did a total stomping on that Jap tank. The Japs did eventually did get a good push on to take out the tank and everybody around but me! I ran like an aborigine chasing lunch, right into the corner of the city Marines were holding. They were not friendly and there were lots of them massing up waiting for the Japs to finish us up so they could rollover them. A couple Marines saw me heading for the thickest cover around, which was a strip of tightly woven trees and high brush. As I ran for it I gave them some fire to slow them down some and somehow I made the nearest tree. The entire Marine Corps was on the other side of that 10 feet strip of tightly woven trees and high brush. One made it to the brush and was crawling through while the rest tried to saw the brush down with paint to keep my head behind the tree.  That damn Jap tank came back with a vengeance for the Marines attacking the Japanese forces and saw me ducking and hiding so they were laying it on me at my five o’clock, now some Marine snipers and tank killers that were going for the tank saw it shooting at me still holding on somehow. The tank killers started to spread out to get me but gave it up assuming the tank would do me in, and went back for their main mission, the Jap tank keeping them from annihilating the Japs.  One lone sniper did stay back to keep taking potshots at me from too far away to worry about accuracy but to keep me from moving until somebody got me.  I got nervous so I ignored him and the tank knowing that this guy in the brush was going to lump me up at close range and then I saw him moving brush aside to take the shot so I gave that brush a couple of quick three round bursts and got his ass! Then I felt this pain in my right shoulder and saw the yellow dripping that sniper longballed me from about fifty yards. I gave the thumb up to him and yelled nice shot.  Just in time to see the Jap tank get taken out again and sent packing. And the Marines push the Japs back into the woods by Marine Base One which the Japs were holding for then.

We all met up at the camp, refilled everything and all went back in for the last battle together.

 After that we went pretty much unscathed the rest of the day taking out buildings and bunkers that were trouble spots like a good tanker and support team does! But at the end of the day we came in second, which I felt was a victory considering how much the player counts were favored against us.

Next Stop:   Living Legends V.  18, 19, 20 May, 2012 CPX Paintball Joliot Illinois.

Living Legends V.  18, 19, 20 May, 2012. CPX Paintball Joliot Illinois.

Bio Hazard Roll Call: THE HORDE: (Red Team) GAUL SQUAD: (Orange helmet tags)  TmfO, RIP, RAGE, SHARP, SHARP’S BRO.

Other teams we know;

Pumpdy Dumptdy (John plus an 8 count)

FEAR  (Formerly with Bio Hazard, PA STRANGE and about 6 others)



Pa Strange defected to team FEAR. He was there on our side

Jack Cracker defected to team FIRST STRIKE. He was not there.

Good luck boys nice playing with you. See yinz on the fields.

First out is thanks to the Pumpdy Dumpty Team for securing a great LZ to cool our jets during reloads.  It was nice and close to the chronos and air stations. They humped, pumped, dumped and jumped all day. We crossed paths all day and it was dam nice to see them when we needed some support.

So as usual this game was on an extreme weather day, Sunny, around 95 degrees with some light wind.

Chronos opened at 0800, paint sales started at 0930, Safety meeting and rules at 1000 Saturday Morning. We did not see any reason to play Friday night and get our gear pre-sweated before the big game. As it was, it was our good luck. There was a problem with the EVIL paint. Poor refrigeration made it get fragile and would not shoot out of anything and would not pass the five foot drop test. Everybody that played Friday night had to do a total gun cleaning I’m sure, especially if it was the Blobfest some say it was. Been there done that, glad it was not us.

Saturday morning while waiting to risk the bad paint we waited in the paint line and just as we were about five people away from getting it, a guy ”in the know” said to TmfO to bail out and wait 20 minutes and they will break out the new paint.  They made good. They took back all of the EVIL paint and replaced it. We got Marballizer paint which was better, but I did break a ball here and there.  My gun rarely breaks a ball so they get a 6 rating on the Marballizer paint quality, The EVIL was a total failure.

Game on 1200. GAUL SQUAD!  Of course out of the red team Gaul squad was the smallest. We went to our base with 40 troops full of paint, air, and want! THEN we got bad news! We were being cut in half.  One half was on the defense and one half was on the attack. We took the attack.

 It started slow, with a nice jog through the woods for about three hundred yards along the tape line and in the valley. We kept some guys on the hill covering the ridgeline and keeping watch behind our entire left flank. We made it to Merida base before we got into our first real fight of the day. It started out slow but as we moved forward we got jammed up at a strong fifty five gallon drum fortification. It was on the ridge with multiple rut trenches running downhill to the tapeline. As we moved up TmfO, RAGE and I discussed what to do at a safe area.  This safe area cost me a finger shot. (Always the left hand pointer finger) and TmfO a headshot, he had to take the long hot walk back to red team insertion, I was saved by a medic. Literally!  Rage and I held tight as long as we could but the fight was pushing us back by the time TmfO got back to us. We lost substantial ground and were in the process of being slowly overrun. A small group backed up to cross the ridgeline trail and found it was pretty lightly defended. We couldn’t get too cozy as a bad guy or two would bust out of a patch of woods and backshoot some of us. This worked until they got flanked by retreating folks from the valley.

Somehow as we were keeping the trail clear in front of us for our troops to get out of the death valley, some single gangster came out of nowhere and killed, “barrel tagged” RAGE  who was pulling rear guard, but at the time was watching over me reloading with my right side wide open. Then he tagged a few more in front of RAGE before getting to me. He tagged me and told me I was out. It happened so quickly that I thought he was a ref calling out a gun hit or a pack hit I didn’t see. Then I heard the guy behind me tell his buddy we all just got barrel tagged. TmfO as usual was up front in a cutout on the trail as the barrel tagging bastard ran by, never seeing him tagging others out, and with the usual TmfO response he was shot right in the poop pods. Out of paint, air, and energy we headed back for the LZ to R&R (rehydrate and reload in this case).  As Rage and I were walking out dead, TmfO was not dead but was walking the dead trail. Suddenly a Ripper team member pops up on the trail 8 feet away from TmfO. They look at each other like a scene from the OK corral. TmfO out drew him, but was brought down by the guy behind the one he took out.

When we went back in we stayed on the right side of the trail in the woods along the Oaxaca speedball field and the adjoining Tapachula speedball field. We noticed a huge battle raging on the speed ball field but thought it must be something non related we didn’t know about. Moving on we came up to some guys shooting out of the woods up towards Guatemala City through the speedball field.  We slipped into the woods and moved way up the line right into a small intersection of trails barley inside the woods 20 or so yards from a mound that separated GC from the speedball fields.  There were many in the city amassing by the mound that we could not see, then just like a dam breaking, a wall of enemy poured over the mound. They were met by a wall of paint from us and, the speedball field. They quickly spread out to flank us which is when we gave it to them on their right flank, and all the way across the field. What was amazing was how many times they did this before they got the idea that we, with growing numbers were there in the woods wreaking havoc on their assaults.  They did some probing to check our strength. They were quickly processed through our meat grinder and sent packing. They did a heavy assault on the right but by that time we had it laced up tightly with crawlers. That was their last major push before slowing down to almost nothing. We shot so many people out just at the center bunker along with the folks jumping right on our plates for dinner, we had to return to the LZ for more A&A (Air and Ammo) I personally needed that for a while.  It has been a few years since I got so many kills in such a short time.

That one reminded me of the time at Skirmish I played “Ten Little Indians” with people pouring in the ‘Pentagon” and I was on the outside of a widow shooting them down as they crossed the threshold into it! That was a great one too!

When we went back in we went into the dead zone to go back in, we were told that this would be the final battle of the day. Then the city to city fight after dinner would go down.

We walked the trail down to the Merida base where we spread out evenly on top, the ridgeline and the valley, pushing hard back into Playa Del Carmen base. We had a small situation there with a bunker complex and terrain full of hiding places. The players with steel nerves hiding on the other side of the path were keeping things real honest for the trail nuts walking aimlessly in the open. This all together with a tank at the end of the path made things look real bleak from my vantage point. Then BOOTMAN from our rival painters ARC TROOPERS shows up with a RAP4 rocket launcher.  He locked on and went Terminator on everything he could kill with that thing. First up was a large building with an inexhaustible supply of fighters in and around it. PUOIMP! Went the launcher and the building was down, next up after moving up slightly was a smaller bunker. TOING! went the RAP4 launcher again and more dead came out, then the tank finally got a clue just in time to put up a little fight before BOOTMAN put his boots on it right in the grill, so sweet.  We were moving up cautiously, due to the woods line across the path still boiling with enemy try to break through. We moved up, made some light contact when, out of nowhere a hail of paint landed on me, making me take the longest, hottest hike back to red base alone, we had no medic! 

I finally dragged my swampy ass into the base and figured I could wipe the sweat off of my head and squeeze the sweat filled mask foam out and cool off for a second.  NOT! as soon as I got my mask off a ref came up and called “masks on fighting getting too close.”  No way! I put the mask back on, and then they tell us the open insertion is closed. “The RIPPERS own your base and are making it their bitch!”  The ref yells at us.  “When you go back in, in eight minutes, you have to take your base back from the RIPPERS!  And they have the tapeline at their back. But all they have to do to respawn after getting shot is cross the tapeline and come back in alive. The only way you will remove them is to use much attrition and pain.”  Dam I thought, how am I ever getting all the way back to RAGE and TmfO.  So I made my own plan, I said I was flanking wide right and bailed out of the RIPPER fight.  I dropped down to the tapeline and started moving to where I left them off not knowing where the bad guys are or where my teammates could have been pushed to, after 30 minutes or so. I stopped behind a big wooden spool, to look and listen. To my surprise, I had a squad right behind me following my lead. They must have had the same mutinous ideas about not getting the base back.  Besides one of those RIPPER guys had an A-5 setup. It was two full auto synchronized A-5’s with amplifiers sort of like the 40mm Pom Pom guns used for Antiaircraft on ships.  It sounded like one of those old electric basketball timers, terrifying! I was there when he chronoed and hoped he was on our side.  He was not.

So as my ragtag gang worked the tapeline we took out small pockets all along the way. One thing I couldn’t figure out was, why it was pretty easy. Then I looked around again, my little band of misfits was twenty or so strong now and leapfrogging with us as they covered the ridgeline.  Next thing I know we are in it, buddy I mean “in it” in a bad way. We unknowingly pushed up all the way to the front lines. So here I am looking for some good cover that doesn’t have three people behind it already, with paint zipping by in an angry manner, I had to get somewhere else. Then I see up on the hill, a bright green BIO HAZARD headwrap, it’s TmfO! I’m telling you it was like in a war movie with all the people dropping and anything standing still, exploding with a haze of paint. So I yell at him over the fire “T-YO” “T-YO” I see him looking around but he can’t see me or take enough time to focus too long. So I yell one more time only now I’m closer but he can’t see me, so I run and shoot, drop and shoot, run, shoot, crawl. Finally I get on top of the ridgeline only he and a few others were holding, in the few covered areas around, which were not enemy occupied. He was in one of the rut trenches running down the hill at an angle away from the fire. I run up the trench firing in support which really stirred the nest. I jumped in and gave him a bump while giving a guy a drumming behind a 55 gallon barrel to my left. We stayed low in the trench while returning fire in every direction except directly behind us. Staying there was pointless unless you felt a need for a walk. It was time to leave when three balls popped on a twig right between us and the splatter went from a fog to a paint drizzle all around us. We backed up somewhat and tried to circle but the line was wide and, holding on both sides with small advances going back and forth with small gains if any at all. They were dug in and we never did get to see the outcome. Low on paint we made one small assault on the way out. After all the walking and hard moving I was feeling pretty drained and thought I’d save it for another battle another time.  Rage had a gun failure and had to walk off before I met back up with TnfO.

I did not get to fight in the city to city game that evening for fear of having a full body cramp for the 7 hour drive home. I gave my gun to Rage so he and TmfO could go represent us and get some awesome gun cam videos in the cities. They came out great. TmfO will have to report on that game.

On the way to CPX at an Indiana Toll booth we were not sure if EZ and I pass were compatible. Here is the conversation.

TmfO; AHH Does EZ pass work where I-pass works? (Indiana EZ pass)

Toll Taker; Where it at?  (puzzled)

TmfO; Right here (in console, holds it up)

Toll Taker; It go in the window. (Grabs it, holds it up for the scanner)

Toll Taker; (Gives it back) you coult go when the light turn blue.

Next Stop:  Day of Days.   15, 16 June 2012.  Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard Ohio.


Day of Days III.   15, 16 June 2012.  Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard Ohio.

Bio Hazard Roll Call: Allies; Red team. RIP, TmfO, VOODOO, TRUMP, L’IL VITO.

Other teams we know;

Pumpdy Dumptdy  (John and Wife) John Informed us that they have been disbanded





This production was one that everything actually went perfect, as far as I know.  The weather was sunny and about 75 at the start of the game and finished about 87 degrees.  All grades of paint were fantastic, a great turnout, over 400 pre registered plus walk on players, along with tanks, rockets, smoke, and grenades.

Ok it was Battlefronts version of “Invasion of Normandy” on a slightly smaller scale than we are used to.  But Battlefront keeps it as realistic as they can with the space they have.  It was awesome as usual!

I have to start this with a brand new term for the books. It is a brand new word never used before. I can only be used to describe the total breakdown of the German Army (Blue team) all day long. The word is uberspankenflogginbeaten I dedicate it to the blue team this day.

We started the beach assault pretty much on time. First the beach was smoked with a dozen or two smoke grenades. Then the start of game giant party popper went off, and before that firework finished exploding I was hit in the chest.  I’d swear it was the very first shot fired, but it did not break. This game was much closer to the wall than SKIRMISH and we had very little cover until we got “out of the boat” and went where the paint was flying and some sparsely covered real estate was available. Then before we got anywhere TRUMPs gun went down, then TmfOs gun then, my hopper timed out and wouldn’t turn back on. Li’l VETO and VOODOO hung back until we got back.

We walked off and just as we got to the BHHQ (Bio Hazard Head Quarters) my hopper turned on, so I about faced and went back in to the game. As I got out of the landing area we started a small push toward the closest city wall to conquer the beach front. Just as we were in the middle of the third push TmfO and TRUMP came moseying back on over all nonchalant with paint flying all around us to get the sit-rep. You could defiantly tell the veteran players by their stance. All the rookies and noobs were using cover and protection. I don’t think I even had to do more than hunker over to duck paint ball streams raking up and down that beach. I didn’t see a point to laying or crawling, since you simply could not escape the hail of paint coming in from about a 270 degree encompassing front. Taking the beach took about thirty minutes and thirty thousand paintballs with extremely high losses. We finally took over the furthest corner of the beach closest to the buildings and held it. Bio Hazard as a team, kept the window shooters and peepers from doing much more than a quick spray with no aim or threat to anyone in particular.  This got the Bangalore crews out and opened a hole in the defensive wall with their giant ten foot long pipe bombs called, Bangalore Torpedoes. This took roughly thirty minutes to get the beachhead mission accomplished. One hundred yards of paint death!  This opened up a floodgate of allies storming over the wall up the hill and over the top wiping them out as they tried to defend while others ran away. They died tired. Bio Hazard lead the over the top assault and pushed them out of the ramparts, off of DOG-1 base, out of the city and into the tree line. They made a stand there by the main trail in the woods and in the death star area. They were quickly pinched from all directions and died bravely. A couple brave souls made it to some cover behind a tree and some junk with a burned out car next to it. They were shooting at us in the tower, and then I hear a new noise! A very high pitched zip right past my left ear! I look to the oil field which was pretty much out of range for most shooters, and see a guy with a pump pistol shooting at me.  They are the latest thing. A .68 caliber paint bullet, no joke, they fly farther and straighter than anything else. And they, like an RAP4- rocket/grenade launcher make a very distinguishable sound. I gave him a quick burst to let him know he was not out of MY range either. He hid so I let it go. I turned my attention to the closer battle when zip, zip, zip, three more came so close I could smell one and read the other two. I gave him a few more bursts and got out of that firing lane before he zeroed in on me. I looked back to see TmfO was nose down against the tie wall in the tower. VOODOO and I rained on the guy holding TmfO down, from behind the tower. He was still behind the tree. VOODOO got his first CK (confirmed kill) of the day with an angle shot. There would be many more to come. (It is hard to confirm a hit with the amount of paint flying.) They next called in a tank mission on us. It got us scattering like roaches when the lights come on! We dodged their tank right there at the corner of the city by the tower only to see that enormous slow tank get multiple grenades, RPG’s, then rocketed, and sent away. By the end of the day those guys could not have had that much fun.  All I ever saw was, them driving out, making their presence known, and then driving back to re-spawn after being peppered by multiple RPG attacks. That first encounter set the precedent for calling out a tank buster with a RPG and sending it off each time, with very little effect on us.  They should have read their history books on the Nazi king tiger tank. It was scary, but too large of a target to miss, too slow and, not maneuverable enough in tight areas.

Next we rolled down the secondary path by the tower with the cattail laden swamp on our right and dense brush left of us. Nobody knew at the time we were on the way to their respawn area and a ridiculously heavy defended flag, when as usual we got too comfortable in a large group and were ambushed on the path. We gave them two dead men for their two bushwhackers’. We continued down the path toward the intersection by the creek. Being much more cautious, we peered around the corner to the right and received a hit a run trying to lure us into another ambush. A few more were set in the far left of the intersection just in case we tried to cross the creek side path. We sent in a young gunner, shook the bush and two more fell out on the right of the intersection, taking the dead walk to respawn. The guys on the left side held in until we basically mowed their cover down every time they shot at us until they couldn’t hide. After all of that non-sense no mission flag was there and, we were uncomfortably close to their respawn area. We LET them keep that one valueless flag. We hiked back up the path toward the city to hold our flag in the smoldering remains of what the Germans so vainly tried to keep. The allies were in total control at that point and the German forces steadily streamed off to the dead zone. There was nothing left to control or take from them.  

We went in for some much needed R&R, in this case rehydrate and re-arm.

We went back in looking for a fight but it took some time to find the action. We beat the flag carrier ref to the next flag mission in the oil field. Later on in the day we did some reconnaissance a few times, following him to the next flag point or beating him to it.

I’ll now mention that we were told at the briefing that the Oil Field was our squad mission. This was about the third time the tank rolled up on us TmfO, VOODOO and I were 10 feet away from him way down in the low grass waiting for our boys to light him up before he literally ran us over, when we hear one whump, thump, then another, poing- thump, someone else’s rocket launcher sounding off from another direction. The dead tank rolled off and we continued on hardly ruffled, knowing we had our tank busters out there at the ready. We took the field after a minor encounter with some well entrenched and covered boys holding the corner closest to the woods. Continuing the battle into the woods we got a little cozy and overconfident, when all of the sudden this missing in action, brier covered, figure appears out of the woods and yells at one of our guys to HOLD UP! While pointing his gun at him promising to light him up if he pulls up his gun. TRUMP got intelligence on the spy’s gear and mask and stalked him out with his sidekick Robin. I mean LI’L VETO. I’m pretty sure TRUMP told me later that I was first in line for that spy. I, we all owe them a beer for that one. A side note on TRUMP is that in the years I’ve known him, he never threatened to shoot, if you were lucky you got a promise to be shot. He is merciless, fearless forward shooting the definition of frontal assault. Bio-Hazards’ junkyard dog! Anyway after some interrogation, we stripped him of his red armband and spy card, LI’L VETO did a cavity search looking for more intelligence, and dumped the corpse in the swamp. He never did say what happened, but he came back out of the swamp grinning like a hill jack after banjo lessons. They told us that what we did was not part of the game but was not actually illegal, just not condoned!

 After lunch we took long walks in the woods, looking for pockets of resistance. Later on we made our way to Marine 1 and found about ten or so youngsters hiding and ducking behind trees and the building. I asked “What’s up there” the kid said that there were two or three of them holding them back. Me and TmfO stepped in, Me on the left flank, TmfO on the right flank, and, in our usual fashion, silhouetted their bodies against the trees they hid behind, four grams of paint at a time, ball by ball, 15 per second. Moving up the valley, still being cautious with that heightened awareness from lessons learned earlier in the day, we came across a band of about six to eight brown skinned boys, possibly Indian or Arab, not sure about the accent. They were using rental equipment and looked like paint breaking in the barrel was a problem for the guy up front.  He was squirting paint three out of five shots while hiding behind this skinny tree in the point of a three way intersection just below the tower. Full auto fire was returned from one or two guys holding them back. They were taking quite a hosing from them when we strolled over to get the enemy locations from them. He crapped when he saw TmfO standing in harm’s way using a twig for cover. He quickly and nervously pointed them out. All together we put a few small bursts from multiple angles, once again sending them packing, hand up. That guy most forward put his hands together in a wei thanking TmfO for saving his life. Their young brown faces showed us the fact that they never saw anything like what we did with so much ease. One guy asked me if they could follow us from now on, and said “you guys are really good, you never get hit, we would like to be playing with you” if they only knew. We added them to our already growing entourage and set out for some more battles. After a while it turned into a freakin NAZI hunting party, they seemed to be getting scarce.

 After wondering around for a while someone finally started shooting at us. Remember that flag we let go? It was still there and my old buddy TmfO couldn’t stand to see it fly any longer. Besides we finally were getting shot at by a sizeable force. We let some of the brown kids take point down to the flag when the shooting started right at the end of the path. One guy had me in his sight when TmfO caught sight of him. I now owed him one also. My debts were growing for the day, not good. This battle happened on a wide open meadow with high grass and a densely brushed tree line opposite the flag, and the respawn area around the right side corner about fifty or so feet away. Fire came pouring in from every angle as soon as you peeked out of the tree line. I did and got shot, yelled MEDIC and I got fixed right there. While that happened TmfO went deep right flank crawled up, made a rush and pulled that flag under what was probably the most intense fire he had been under for the day. Now we owned the entire field. The battle ended abruptly after that, I thought he stole their will to fight too!

Later on, while walking down a wide and open path we got ambushed from afar. At this time we had a pretty good group, goofing off strolling around too confident for us so we broke left when the shooting began. We tried to get an angle on the guy on the path but TmfO got too far forward and had to get low behind a clump of brush on a small dirt mound, Before they could get two angles on him, due to an unseen shooter in the left wood line. He was getting strafed, and I was not even seen by the shooter in the left wood line. Then after a brief exchange between the two, it got quiet and became a waiting game, one technique we have much expertise in, learned the hard way! All of the sudden the bushes started shimmying slightly, I thought I was looking at some trash that was stomped down in the smallest groove blowing or decompressing. This groove was going right up to TmfO’s cover. Then I saw the glimmer off of the crawlers mask. It really was him moving on my buddy I owed. Not wanting to give away my position I let him move right up into my sights. I let one shot go and heard that undeniable mask lens hit. I shouted “yer out motherfucker” (I was caught in the moment). My debt was now paid back to TmfO. Now we could focus on the longballers we originally set out for. Neither one of us, or any near us could see that dam pump guy or anyone else shooting at us. So, TmfO and I crawled and crawled up within ten feet of this deadly pump gun guy and still could not see him, we could hear a bunch of them talking like we were there with them. We waved for some cover fire on them while we went in for the kill but they were having a ox roast or something it just did not happen. Finally one of our guys came up on a wide left flank and shot at some folks. It was then that they informed us that it was their respawn area! Really? Why were they not fighting, why were they in the netted area as dead. I got woken up to the fact that IF they launched a full assault out of the net we were going to get more lumps than we gave out. We popped upright and got away from that crap. The rest of the day we hunted them down and got into some fights with our own team because we were everywhere, until the end of the game when they gave their last hurrah. They came out full force.  Their tank was rattling paint from every orifice and did OK until our tank busters dispatched him for the last time. The final push was weak at the strongest point, and was quickly repulsed and held at bay.

I felt bad for the Blue team until I realized that we have been in that situation many times before. I kind of like the odds stacked heavily against us, you never have to look far to throw some paint down.

VOODOO had severe leg cramps so he sat out after lunch, didn’t see much of TRUMP or Li’L VETO because they were looking for us all day .. we all did good considering how hot it was.

Operation End War - The 11th Hour.  27 July 2012.  Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard Ohio.  Produced by: 68 Caliber Productions.  Magazine Fed Only

Bio Hazard Roll Call:  RVB, Red Team.  RIP, TMFO.

Everybody else, (not really) Blue team: Marines.


I’m just going to jump right into this one. The weather was rainy, sunny, (sometimes at the same time) hot, humid in the late morning. After lunch the game start was delayed due to lightning during a front that rolled through. It got rainy, cloudy, cool and windy for the delayed after lunch game start. Late afternoon was hot and hazy with just enough sun to make it super humid monkey ass weather. My prunefeet finally look normal after two days of being dry as I write this.

Next up was the Magazine Fed style of play.  WE were two of about 20 rental users out of 60 players plus or minus a few and we were also something I thought I could never be in paintball again… A NOOB! That’s right we were noobs for this one, never playing clip fed paintball. I have to say I really did not miss my 200 round HALO. With everybody having 20 round, clip fed, semi auto, mechanical markers, the playing field was leveled up some. There was one squad heavy (gunner) on each team. He had a 250 round box feed mag. and full auto fire capability. Some guys had the .43cal markers instead of 68 caliber. All of that was cool, now for my rip on RAP4.

RAP4, where do I start. Besides the fact that they screwed Battlefront, they screwed every renter with NO TECH SUPPORT, not even a manual, or a knowledgeable person on site that knew their equipment!  RAP4$ is what they really are. I know, some of their stuff is cool.  BUT, when they supply the rentals for a game to promote their latest innovation you would think that they would advertise it everywhere they could. So they could supply as many rentals as they could for this game. Again to promote the RAP4 mag. fed line. The west coast got some press. I guess they are too busy with their new orders pouring in from Israel for the east coast to be promoted. Maybe that is why they got only 20 or so renters. Now for the markers turn. They look and feel real that is where it ended. They were basically a mechanical, air gulping, ball busting, Tippman 98 with a mag. feed, and an M-16 kit on it with that 13CI HPA tank in the stock. A beginner gun, dressed up! My gun went together perfectly and chronoed right on first three shots. TmfO, and some others that rented were not as lucky.  First his HPA tank in the stock couldn’t be tightened all of the way down. It was loose but did not leak. His shot super hot at 340FPS and jumped up and down by 50 FPS as he adjusted it. It took a few turns back and forth, but he got it chronoed in at under 290FPS. Not really impressive at all. $400 for the gun 3 clips tank in stock and a sling? Pretty junky compared to my $450 TM-15. Also not a long range shooter as they tend to be so inconsistent shot to shot. One paintball would drop and the next was like an arrow, corkscrew, slice, or a hook. A close range battle shooter, at best. Lastly, if you should happen to break a ball in your mag you are screwed, I was! And of course I over wound the feed spring and broke the other clip while getting my ass shot off! Then, there was the rental agreement! They held you accountable for every single exterior added nut and bolt down to the “MKV magazine cover screw” for $1.00! One dollar for a single screw! That alone showed me that RAP4 is just into looks not performance. I’m willing to bet that their $4000 dollar semi auto is the exact same marker I used, internally, just fully loaded out on the rails. I could find nothing about increased performance on their checklist. They sell this crap to the Police? I hope if my little town police force buys one, they do their home work and buy something much cheaper and more reliable. One Last note, the RAP 4 website stinks like a Georgia swamp in mid August! No details about anything, just buy at your own risk. I will say that I will not be buying a RAP4 magazine fed until they smooth it out and quit copying Tippman. I love Tippmans too but those older styles are obsolete gas sucking ball choppers in comparison to anything in their price range. I would have paid $150 tops for that marker just for that reason. Now RAP4 has been RIPPED!

  Ok all set looking good feeling real light and naked without all the pods, tank and remote line, weighing you down. I was as excited at game time as a pre-pubescent boy watching an R rated movie!

Mission #1

At game start our mission was to hold the city and keep the Marines from capturing our general. That sounded easy but, right away we (Green squad) got orders to scout and attack approaching enemy squads while blue squad held tight. So off TmfO and I went with about four or five others to wreak havoc and tally up our score by killing Marines.

 Suribachi Hill

We moved out onto Suribachi hill and started down the backside when a Marine crawled through the heavy brush and sniped off two guys taking up the rear. Then two more came down a path for TmfO to take one out with two mask shots, and miss the other. The other laid down in the high weeds and sat tight. Meanwhile the guy who shot out our rear guard was still in a tiny rut covered very well, then, he made his move he broke out of the wood line, shooting at us remaining three with ill intent, only to be capped by yours truly. As that went down the other guy jumped up and thought he had outlasted TmfO. Wrong! He was quickly dispatched back to re-spawn. He did get the other one of us, leaving me and TmfO cut off from the rear, the front, and the right, holding onto our asses waiting for re-enforcements while dodging grenades and fire from three directions. One guy thought he grenaded us and must have called the Ref to pace it off for 15 minutes, we got bored and knew no ref was coming So we went left, wrapping around the side of the hill right towards the enemy re-spawn. As we neared the bottom, three Marines ran straight down that same hill right in front of us, and three more went down, but two Marines were left on top and they are radioing everybody for help. Now we were really screwed.

The Escape

 We hung out and tried to wait them out but eventually got too nervous to stay put so dropped back and we went down over a steeper hidden hillside and let them go, or got away from them. We ended up and hung out near a small swamp near their respawn point until the humidity and mosquitoes got overwhelming. Nobody was traveling that way, that day.  So we climbed back up the backside of the hill where that guy calling for the ref had just stopped yelling and moved on. Breaking through that trail was probably the most apprehensive feeling I have had for quite a while. We popped out in the open onto a main trail leading to the top of Suribachi hill, facing opposite directions we scanned for the snipers or worse yet, the ambush.  Nothing, nobody anywhere! We crossed it quickly and quietly thanks to the wet ground. We moved on a small parallel trail to the city up towards the main trail to the city or creek. Suddenly, TmfO’s radio squawks loudly to life with some new info. Knowing our position was compromised we took cover by a barrel near a thick area, while he softly spoke with command. I could almost feel paintball stings coming from all directions, but nobody was near enough to hear it SOMEHOW!

Back To The City The Hard Way!

We moved on knowing we had to get back to the city and our squad. Moving down the trail TmfO caught sight of a lone sniper looking the wrong way or was just too slow on the draw and let three go right past him, when he came into my Field of view (FOV) and got killed. Moving silently and smoothly, we checked every tree and observed every intersection before crossing. I was keeping watch behind us hanging back and providing watch while crossing paths.  Just as we were about to cross the main trail up to the city three  Marines popped out of the woods, up the trail closer to the city. We stopped cold, TmfO crossed first, and they never saw him, being their attention was on the city. Two of the three guys moved up, while their rear guard took a nap on the main trail. We snuck up each side of the trail and supplied surprisingly close shots from two angles and, a walk in the park for him. This left his two buddies six uncovered.  I crossed the trail and we continued moving silently through the woods up towards the city. We got up to the woods line at the city when TmfO spotted a guy laying down sniping into the city. Here was the other guys friend(s). We got into our combat angle and was about to take him out when TmfO saw another hiding in the weeds, slightly behind a bush and to the right of the first guy.  TmfO hand signaled me his presence, pointed me to the man in the prone position, and himself to the guy I could not see hiding in the weeds. We know each other’s game play well enough to understand each other’s hand signals, and without saying or signaling, on his first shot, they both would go hiking out together, which they did. So we took the opportunity to break the woods line running back into the city, where our RVB forces were still holding out. We checked in with command from there and made it back to what was left of our squad again. I couldn’t believe we made it untouched and took out partial squads the whole way back. Many times I had that feeling that we were being followed or getting ambushed around the next bush.

The Second Suribachi Assault

We made our way back to the center of town as a squad and a few loose stragglers who saw their squad cut down. We moved all over the entire city and into the woods taking out folks as the opportunity presented itself, which was getting fewer and further apart. Just as I was starting to overheat and was getting itchy for a kill we once again came up the back path to the top of Suribachi and, caught four blue team members with their backs toward us four that were left after a few battles.  We once again just broke the wood line took four angles and gave them a shock so bad one guy was still hiding, I think in terror but maybe he really did not feel the selected lumping us four evenly distributed onto them. That’s when the ref helped him out of his cover and showed him his hits. Whatever he was thinking, they all were jumping around like frogs on hot pavement trying to find cover. That was great, and the ref said he liked it too.

Lunch Break

After lunch, during the mission briefing, the game was delayed about a half an hour due to the lightning strikes hitting as a small thunderboomer passed over. 

So far the markers weren’t too bad, but of course I did chop a ball once or twice, this was way too high of a percentage considering I had fired less than 60 shots. No clip problems yet! Not super impressed but not so bad.

After a long debate about wearing our armor we decided it had cooled down enough to wear it for the rest of the day. We figured we had just been lucky, being the ones doing most of the shooting with hardly a returned response. Most of our kills were back shots so far.

Second Half; The Wheelbarrow Ordeal

After The half hour delay our mission was back to the city to defend it until further orders. After defending it we got orders to find a wheelbarrow to go and capture four drums scattered about the field.  We were told that the blue squad was holding it for us to get there with the wheel barrow to transport the 55 gallon barrels to the landing craft waiting for us by their respawn point. We moved out of the city to DOG 1 base and found the wheelbarrow stashed under the staircase going to the second floor. TmfO grabbed it, I took point and we moved with a small broken up squad to meet the blue squad down the main trail near the tire stack. We moved down the trail so fast it must have unnerved blue squad causing them to pull up on us as we moved towards them. We identified and they fortunately didn’t shoot.  We got the drum in the wheelbarrow, after noticing TmfO sucking a little wind I designated a younger player to operate the M1WB in and started moving it to the landing craft back up past DOG 1. It was the long way around but also the safest. We fanned out going toward the LC but nobody was there, so we got it in there and ran out before the Marine re-spawners knew what was going on, right in front of them. After we reached safety, we radioed back command with our mission success. It was then our misfit squad found out, that there were three more 55gallon drums, and one was already captured and destroyed.  Earlier in the morning we stood by one when we were first in the woods on the backside of Suribachi hill escaping when TmfO’s radio went off. We went back and got the second Drum at that spot and let the main squad take the run to the LC while we flanked right, right through the shanty town in case they had got wise and set up an ambush or a defensive perimeter. They made it in but took little fire getting out. We met back up at DOG-1 to find out where the other drum was. We were too late the Marines got that one too.

Shootout in Shanty town

Our next orders were to get into the shanty town and hold it until further orders. As we made it to the outside of the city we saw the shanty town slowly getting overrun by the Marines. I stepped out and took a few longball shots to keep their heads down when a First Strike (FS) round zipped by and cracked the wall behind me. TmfO yanked me back yelling at me to watch those FS founds. We moved up a little closer and I stepped out from my corner to check where that guy shooting FS rounds was. This is where I got shot, right square in the center of my inch and a half thick nutpad, with a FS round, but did not break. It did make quite a thump though when it hit me there. That is why I won’t play without a nutpad. We did get that guy to back off and give up his position after taking out his buddy beside him. We moved into his position and the next thing I know I get cracked on my mask visor so hard my ears rung. It was that Pistol wielding First Strike shooter way too close and totally invisible to us. I peeked out around the corner and another one hit the concrete behind me making a loud painful sounding crack. Tmfo looked out the other side and one glanced off of his arm.  We had to hang out there for while hoping he would get bored and give up his position. He never did so we vacated the area to get a better view of where he might be hiding. Just as we moved out, one of our team positioned right up in front of that guy while he must have been watching us leave our position. That guy never saw our teammate get right up against the bunker he was behind.  They were literally two to three feet apart on each side of the bunker. He showed himself to us as he took a few potshots at us moving out.  We were signaling our forward player to lean back and cap his ass.  He could not pull it off for some reason so myself and TmfO spread out making a large pincher move. This move destroyed his superior accuracy with pressure from two sides. He did finally catch one from someone and took the walk.

The 43 Caliber Sniper Incedent

We went back into the city looking for trouble only to find all of our objectives were taken. So we started moving up to DOG-1 base. Just as we were going around the corner of the Reichstag building, TmfO neglected his Point man duty. He took for granted that corner, and by ensuring the first window or two were clear. Me, being RIP, told him all about it. I checked it all out and cleared the area for the rest of the squad to move up without concern. Just as I caught back up to his excited run toward the ramparts his confidence being high we were going right in and taking DOG-1 from two or three Marines holding it from the second floor. Me always being more overcautious got out of the firing lanes we knew all too well in those ramparts, and were getting in range of the marines taking potshots at us. That’s where I lost my only Bio Hazard comrade. Shot with a .43 caliber MilSpec (Military Specification) rifle, in the upper left chest, right in front of my eyes, by a sniper bedded down in an overgrown brick bunker. I hate to say he was screwed but I couldn’t believe how quick TmfO went from talking to walking. The only mistake that sniper made was not shooting us both. Now I was alone and pissed about it. It was RIP vs Milspec sniper with a deadly 43 cal. It was ON! My old Riverside Renegades memories came flooding back for what to do about him. I took up a covered position where I could see into the bunker and, shoot through a single brick opening, right into that bunker that pesky sniper was in. I strafed what I could see with a few well spread out shots into the weeds. Then I saw it! I saw the weeds moving away from me closing in front of him as he elbow crawled slowly backward for a shot back at me. BIG mistake! I knew where he was AND, I saw his wedding band sparkling like a gold nugget in those ultra dense weeds! I moved out of the lane that the sniper was setting up for, looking for a shot at me! Under fire from three Marines, I was just barely in their range but they had no accuracy, Their fire was a smaller threat than the sniper 5 feet away. I focused in tight on him ran up a dirt pile into the complete open, and shot right down on that sniper. I swear I heard the undeniable sound of a headshot melon thump.  Either way he stood up totally surprised at the position I shot him from. After that, myself, the squad who finally caught up, and TmfO returning just in time for some rodent control, cleared out the other three rats shooting relentlessly at me from DOG-1. After that we moved around the rest of the day catching hell and sending friend requests with all missions completed until the dinner bell at about 1700 hours. I left the field with one over wound clip which would feed about five paintballs and dry fire, one clip with a broken ball in it messing up my barrel when I had to use it. So that left me with one good working clip and my rifle was just starting to misfire and chop balls right at the end of the afternoon. It eventually ran too low on air and gave me the last out of air can’t re-cock fart!

Shooting Pains

I was not impressed all day with the little issues I had with the gun not cocking all of the time and chopping a ball here and there. My rating on a 1 to 10 scale is a 3. Sorry but RAP4 needs to get in the game and make that noob marker into a professional grade marker and they might break into a whole new market. If they leave it like this, the whole market may fail due to the fact that RAP4 has a large chunk of the mag. fed market. That would be a shame being that I, we really did have one of the best games of the year playing that style game.

Red Alert 2.  13 October 2012 Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard Ohio.   !! BATTLEFRONTS FINAL GAME !! FIELD CLOSING FOREVER !!

Produced by ARC Troopers

Roll Call: Blue team; RIP, TMFO, BIG DADDY, TRUMP, MAVERICK and two daughters, ROCKET MAN and friend, IRONMAN and friend, TRUMP.

Well what can I say? It is Battlefronts last game Bio Hazard can play in, only because it is Battlefronts very last scenario EVER! I can’t tell you the somber feeling everyone had pre-game. I can tell you that myself and TmfO could not shake that “now where do we play again like this” feeling? We have no idea but time will tell. All who attended had that same thousand yard paint stare. I know for a fact some grown men actually shed a tear or two knowing we will never meet here again just like war’s end. The comradery between each player was there even if we weren’t fond of each other after the games. We had a mission to complete and we all tried our best at it.

Game weather was perfect! Chilly to start, but never got too warm to play hard. Paint was great, attendance was pretty good but disappointing for the final deathmatch at battlefront.

Our starting / spawning point was at the barrels behind the crono station on the edge of the narrow strip of woods that separate the DOG-1 tower from the oil field.  We moved easily enough to the oil field where the woods end and city and oil field converge.  Red team was already comfortably lodging in the city taking pot shots at us. We tried the frontal assault with the tank leading the way while TmfO barked commands at the driver and gunner over the radio. As soon as he got close to the locked gateway into the city, a guy with a rocket would pop up and turn him around to re-spawn. After about a dozen attempts we finally fought our way up and got it open. There were too many RPG’s on the field diminishing our tank use to almost useless for the gate mission. They had the woods line covered too well to get into and hold, forcing us into the sun and into low brush with limited cover, the best thing to do was to stay out of range until we could figure a way out of this predicament.

 They held the city down, repelling all of our attempts at a break in their lines. We exhausted our air and paint so we had to leave and re- arm. When we came back we did get into the woods line which grew thin and narrow as you get closer to the city. I personally was growing tired of the kids at DOG1 on some second story buildings with their hoppers on backwards taking single shots at us with their rented Tippman 98’s. TmfO and I found ourselves at a wide mown path that once crossed leads into the narrowest part of the woods line with some heavy brush at the seam going into the open field on our side. The other end of the path went up a slight hill right into the area of DOG 1. BIG DADDY, the IRON MAN twosome, and TRUMP came in with us and all together we lent those kids some of our paint in large volumes. They all eventually found out they couldn’t weather the storm of paint coming at them, and they left one by one.

 We did have to get an air drop to get into the city which kind of sucked for us because it is like saying we need Refs help to break into the city. Airdrops usually are real bad for the troops that volunteer to go right into the paint hurricane, and it usually is disastrous for them. This time Bio-Hazard airdropped in kicked down their defenses and brought the rest of the blue team in to hold the city. Once in we got pushed back somewhat, so we pushed straight in, taking heavy loses but gaining some valuable cover. TmfO barked sending out the tank and support team towards the oil field to keep their tank and ground forces from flanking us and pinching us in the city. We got rushed, sniped, and multiple three team synchronized attacks on different parts of the city. They kept the attacks spread apart so we couldn’t interlace fire in support of each other.  Real nice tactic but it did not work overall because they had no support once they got in. our answer was reinforcing the area being attacked until they got squeezed out.

  We also were calling in the BASTARD to help us out when things got heavy just to keep them from getting bored while defending the woods line and oil field. We moved in, out, and around the city but didn’t get much sightseeing anywhere else on the field.  All in all we got to stomp the field, eat the dirt, do some urban battle and sadly pick the battlefront briers off of our gear for the last time. After the game there were too many sad faces with the same now where do we play games this awesome and this often.  No body had an answer. It looks to me like an era has passed for all of us that loved the Battlefront field. Hopefully we will find a new place in the next few years that can have battles on the scale we had here at Battlefront.